Destination GARDALAND
Category Youth tours
Duration 2 days nights
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Italy is a country in south Europe. It consists of peninsula and two big islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Independant states San Marino and Vatikan are located within italian territory.

Minimum 40 passangers must be signed for the trip in order to proceed. If the number isn’t as stated, travel agency must notify the passangers about cancelation of the arrangement at least 5 days before the arrangement starts.

Croatian citizens do not need a visa for trip to Italy, only a valid passport or identity card. We heartily recommend insurance for accidents and illness during the trip.


• cash, netbanking

• credit cards

• single payment (American Express, Diners, Maestro, Visa, Master)

• payment in installments (American 2-6, Diners 2-12, Mastercard up to 12)

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