Destination NP KORNATI
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Duration 2 days nights
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Secret of Kornati, one of two crowned jewels of the Sibenik region and most separated archipelago in the Mediterranean lies in the fact that it can be obtained only by water, after a relatively long boat ride.

Weekends on Kornati and in their surroundings. Of the 150 islands that make up the Kornati region, 96 of them are now part of the National Park Kornati. Since the 1980 Kornati National Park has been a nature park so Kornati and their surroundings have become islands that few people in the world has heard. Therefore, we provide a unique opportunity to walk or even swim in the healing salt lake “Mir”, climb up a cliff on Telašćice, sail beneath the Kornati “crowns” and visit the famous tuna farm near the island. Get aboard this unforgettable adventure ship, enjoy the ambience of Dalmatia and evening “festivities” on board …

But do not forget, occasionally look to the horizon – with a little luck you might see the occasional dolphin or even whole families that swim freely in this area.

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